Wednesday, 9 March 2016

VYOMINI - How To Look Beautiful In Indian Dresses?

Indian dresses have always found favor with females across the globe; whether it is our very own naturally beautiful Indian women or female tourists who come on holidays here, you will always find them looking for a traditional ensemble to add to their wardrobe.
And why not, Indian dresses are a perfect combination of colors, cultures, heritage and tradition. Be it Kurtis, saris, or the all-time favorite salwar kameez, Indian attire is simply elegant. Before you embark on your quest to adorn these, we have put together some tips for you on how to look beautiful in Indian dresses. Read on to know more:

1. First and foremost thing to be borne in mind is that you choose a fabric and design according to your body shape and volume. So if you have a slightly bulky frame, it is best to avoid too many layers or frills in your dress. Likewise, women with a petite body frame can opt for layered clothing that adds volume to the overall look. The idea here it to wear what suits your best. If you are not sure, you can always go and consult an expert or your tailor and know what will fit best according to your body.


2. If we talk of Kurtis, they are a huge hit these days for both the corporate look as well as casual outings. Choose fabrics such as cotton which are easy on the skin. Also, make sure that you go in for Kurtis that are slightly loose fitting. Body hugging Kurtis are a strict no-no if you want to look beautiful in Indian dresses.


3. Any salwar or churidaar that you pair with a kurti should be narrow in fit. This is the perfect way to tone down your waist size. Moreover, a narrow bottom is a great way to complement the slightly loose-fitting kurti that you wear so often. Combine both of them and you are on your way to look gorgeous in your traditional attire.


4. How can we forget the ever charming sari when we talk of an Indian woman’s wardrobe?
Saree come in myriad hues and styles. You can go in for fabrics such as Silk, Georgette, and Crepe which are comfortable as well as elegant. Team your sari with the perfect petticoat and blouse that accentuate the right areas and camouflage the slightly heavier ones. If you want to look beautiful in Indian dresses, saris are your best bet any day!


5. All this said and done, we can never undermine the importance of the right accessories and footwear when it comes to traditional Indian clothing. Choose jewelry that complements the outfit; if you are going with heavy earrings, then keep the neck piece minimalistic, or even consider not wearing it at all. Bangles go really well with Indian outfits. Talking of footwear, stilettos go well with saree and churidaar.
If you are tall, then you can go in for traditional juttis or flat sandals which come in a multitude of designs these days.

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