Monday, 14 March 2016

VYOMINI - Fashion Trends

With the popularity of anarkali suits and dresses, flares and sheer fabrics have become a new rage in ethnic fashion. Today, the use of sheer and flimsy fabrics such as net, tissue, and georgette is not just limited to the layers of an anarkali dress but is being increasingly used for making sarees, lehengas, and even evening gowns and other western dresses.


The trend is getting hotter with the passing of the spring and approaching summers. The flimsy and see through appeal of sheer fabrics not just make one look sensuous but is also a great way to wear all your favorite and vibrant colors in summers without appearing to be too loud and garish.  


Whether, you are naturally blessed with a beautiful complexion or not, you can easily enhance your natural beauty with sheer and semi fabrics. Sheer layers over velvet and satin in an anarkali dress can easily make your persona glow with glory and beauty.
However, if you are looking to flaunt your natural beauty, there is no other better way to show your skin with grace than by draping a semi transparent chiffon saree over your sensual bare frame. Sheer fabrics when combined with certain fabrics like velvet, organza, and silk can automatically add royalty to not just your outfit but your personality as a whole.


You can team up your sheer sarees with velvet or satin blouses and petticoats for an imperial look for special and formal occasions. Such combinations of fabrics are the best way to look sexy without appearing vulgar and revealing too much.


So girls, it is time to dump the denims and leather pants and get dressy with sheer fabrics in ethnic wear to look smart, feminine and sexy.  

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