Sunday, 6 March 2016

VYOMINI : Ethnic wear is sexy


The Indian saree has for long epitomized the Indian woman. It symbolizes grace, dignity and the Indian culture to a large degree. One can’t, however, ignore the fact that if draped well, it is guaranteed to increase the ‘oomph’ factor. Over the ages, men have fallen for the Indian women wearing a sari. Menaka seduced Vishwamitra with a saree ages ago and the tradition has continued since then.


Bollywood has time and again utilized the saree to highlight the ‘oomph’ factor of the saree. Who can forget Sridevi in Mr India and Raveen Tandon in Mohraa?

The saree continues to be sexy even today. For the modern Indian women, it lends grace and beauty. The Ethnic wear is growing rapidly in popularity today and adapting itself to the couture of the day and age. As we are trying to intersect our culture with that of the west, ethnic wear will not only find its place. It will give western apparel a run for its money.

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