Sunday, 6 March 2016

VYOMINI : Abaya Style Churidar Kameez


Abhaya or Abaya is a cloak or a robe that is part of the Muslim women’s culture and customs. Also referred as Aba, Abayah and Abah,  it is a loose over-garment that is meant to cover the entire body except head, face, hands and feet.
The Abaya Style Churidar Kameez is a full-length dress or Anarkali that was created by building on the culture and tradition of Islamic countries. The outfit draws inspiration from the ‘Abaya’, a robe like dress that is worn by most of the women of the Muslim faith. The traditional Abaya is a long garment that covers the whole body of the women except the feet and hands. The Abaya Style Churidar Kameez is similar to this robe, as the kameez of this dress is generally kept floor length. The kameez is paired with a churidar salwar, to ensure that the kameez maintains its gracious shape.

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