Friday, 8 April 2016

VYOMINI - Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

Are you feeling low?
What we do to tackle such negative and scary feelings? 

Fill ourselves with some inspiration. Maybe read inspirational quotes or motivational books, talk to some inspiring people or just travel to clear off our minds… different things work for different people.

To help you a bit more, we have gathered some inspirational quotes.

 1. Make it simple, but significant  

Stop trying to get complicated. Keep it simple. Simple things bring the maximum chances of success. Start small.


2. Dare to be daring  

Having said the first quote, we don’t want you to take in the wrong way. By asking you to keep your life simpler, we aren’t asking you to stop taking risks. Sometimes you have to do things which scare you the most to be able to reach your destination. Do them. Rise and shine. And dare to dream.    


3. See the Good  

If you’re seeing nothing good happening in your life, maybe you’re just seeing it through the wrong lens. Just change your perspective.


4. Be Happy. It Drives people crazy.  

Life is not easy. Bad things happen. You experience unlucky and sad situations. But try to find happiness every where and you will find it for sure.


5. Love more, hate less  

If you’ve filled your life with negative people and negative feelings, it is going to be impossible to feel inspired and happy. No inspirational quotes would work until you decide to use the power of love.

6. The most important thing a girl wears is confidence  

Always stay confident. Smile. Stay happy and deal with every situation with confidence. If you’re not at all confident at doing something, fake it till you make it.


7. Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist  

If you think you’re too sad and distressed and need medical help, try shopping instead. The basic idea is to pamper yourself and try to make yourself happy. Maybe shopping can do that for you. If not, try some hobby or traveling or anything that brings a smile on your face.


We hope these help you too. Tell us if they did manage to inspire you a bit 




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