Saturday, 9 April 2016


Expectations of summer: A beach party, Random Trips, Reading a book…

Reality of summer: Moving your laptop so the sunlight doesn’t reflect on the screen when you’re trying to blog!


The West, they love the summer and wait for the summer months, but then we have the Indian summer, and except for the ice creams, I can’t think of much that I love about it. But we have to go to work, attend social gatherings and behave as if everything is hunky-dory.

Dealing with the Indian summer is not an easy task. The kind of fabric you chose has a lot of effect on your comfort, choose the right fabric, and you might just be comfortable enough to enjoy the summer.

Here is our pick of 3 fabrics to help you face the harsh summer months. We have also given you a few versatile and affordable styles.


The most common, go-to fabric in the Indian summers. It absorbs moisture, protects us from the heat, and keeps us cool, and it’s easy maintenance. And it’s damn cheap in terms of money.

Choose 1 of these styles, whether it’s a regular day at work or catching up with friends in the evening. Little else is required to look casually classy, just add earrings.



Talk about light weight fabric, and we all think of chiffon, and it is really soft. This fabric really goes well with small parties and occasions, you don’t really have to wear anything too heavy and yet look amazing. Chiffon shows off your curves really well, and makes you look slimmer. If it’s Indian ethnic wear, top it off with long dangly earrings, and if western, just wear bejeweled sandals.


Now here comes the test of quality, and it will be worth the price. A low quality net could make you really uncomfortable, it bites you, but a high quality net is soft and flows on your skin, and well, it allows circulation of air freely. Net provides a flattering effect and creates a beautiful movement as you walk. Get glam with flirty heels and loose waves or a high bun.


Fill your appetite, be fashion savvy, and if people still don’t get impressed, well, remember to live for yourself, and yet if you want to say something, tell those people not to judge you... You were born to be awesome, not perfect J


What is your go-to, everyday summer outfit? Write to us at and stand a chance to participate in our lucky draw.

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