Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Our Very Own Style Bloggers

Everybody’s personal style is, well, personal, but there are looks and styles that really stand out and make a statement. With that in mind, we spread the word, we invited anyone who is daring, funny, funky, quirky, glamorous, and smart, to send us their pics in an attractive and stylish fashion wear, and we were overwhelmed with the response. Here we are with the chosen few looks we totally loved.


Mrigakshi mixes a very girly style with a vintage flair somehow. In her own words, she loves the saree because “it’s the sexiest dress ever made”. The way she teams up the plain saree with a colorful embroidered blouse, make her style visually interesting. So, in other words, beyond amazing.



As long as I have known Roshni, I have known her as an explorer by instinct. When I asked Roshni for a pic, she sent me this saying; this pair gives her comfort and brings out the gypsy in her J In her own words, “I love wearing my attitude wherever I go”.


Shorts are an evergreen choice for her as soon she can sniff summer in the air. The floral top gives a fresh and vibrant look. In Vidisha’s own words, “this entire get-up, with comfy shoes are a sure shot in-thing any day.” Personally, I quite love the tiara in addition.


Well, she looks every bit the model that she is. She loves dresses, in her own words, “from casual to cocktail, dresses can be worn anywhere”. This dress is figure-flattering and easy to wear, and makes Heena summer-ready.


What is your style statement? Write to us at and stand a chance to participate in our lucky draw.

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