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Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

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While you choose your favourite saree from the latest bridal sarees collection online, or choose from the latest lehenga designs or pure silk sarees such as Kanchipuram and Banarasi Silk Sarees, we present to you certain do’s and don’ts to remember while you wear your Saree which will make you look classic yet elegant!
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The Do’s
Ensure that the Saree goes well with your Body Type

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The saree should go well with your body type. For example, if you have an hour​-​ glass body then well structured sleeveless designer sarees are a great choice. However, this is not the case when you have an apple shaped body where sleeveless cuts and such fabrics won’t suit the body type. Instead, sarees with lighter shades & less embroidery look better for women who possess an apple shaped body. You can further read this article on Choosing the Right Ethnic Wear for Your Body Type to know more about suitable ethnic wears as per various body types.

Sri Lankans are natural saree-wearers, so perhaps I shouldn't be including Jacquiline on this board. But hey, she looks so nice and joyous, I had to.:  

Ensure that your skin tone goes well with the saree colour

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Fairer women can choose from a plethora of Saree colors from glittering gold to bloody red!Women with whitish complexion should opt for mixed & earthy shades such as beige, white or bronze. On the other hand, golden copper shades suit well for women with darker skin tones.  

Match your saree with your heels

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Heels & sarees are a beautiful combination and therefore must complement each other well.The heel gives the woman a slender look as well as makes her don a tall stature. You can choose from a variety of pencil heels to the platform ones as per your taste.

Always wear within your comfort zone 

Your comfort level plays a crucial factor while you pull off your saree. This factor will determine your style, elegance and the grace with which you carry yourself with the saree. When you are comfortable only then you will be able to pull off your saree in a sophisticated manner.

The lace – chiffon sarees from teri meri prem kahani – Bodyguard:  

Get your make-up right 

It’s extremely important that your make-up tunes well with your saree. Usually, a light make-up is preferred during day times and a heavier touch during the evenings. Whatever it is, ensure that it matches your saree pattern, colour of the fabric and accessories you wear.

Kareena Kapoor Still From Bodyguard #Kareena #Kapoor #Bebo #Pinterest:  

The Don’ts
Donning an over or undersized blouse

You must not wear blouses of smaller sizes. This will just make you look larger & oversized. Also it displays an unsophisticated approach. Therefore, ensure to stitch the blouse with correct measurements. Stay away from shabby foot wears

You should always stay away from shabby & unpolished foot wears. Only the right & clean pair of foot wears will give you that sophisticated and elegant feeling and look! Avoid experimenting when you are short of time

Hence, now you know the do’s and don’ts to remember while you wear your saree which will make you look classic yet elegant turning the heads towards you!

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