Monday, 20 June 2016

VYOMINI - Why Indian brides wear red dress on their wedding.


India since the ancient times is known for its rich heritage and culture. Colors are also inseparable part of Indian culture. Importance of colors begin right from the birth of a child till death. Our morning begins with red sky and day ends the same way. Even weddings are not spared. In fact, wedding in India is considered the biggest day of life of a couple.
In Indian weddings, brides wear bright red dress. Red in India is associated with passion and love. Red color symbolizes everlasting love. The planet in-charge of marriage is mars which is red. The highlight of the Indian wedding is when bride unites with the groom. The bride is dressed in red which is known to bring prosperity. Brides wear red sarees or red lehenga. Lehenga choli is in fashion these days and brides spend tons of money to look her best on the biggest day of her life. Indian brides start their new life on their wedding day. They have to leave their parents house and start a new life with her husband. Even grooms are prompted to wear red which is the symbol of strength and vigour. Red color is not just limited to the wedding dress. Indian brides begin the proceedings of their wedding with henna which is red. Mehendi is followed by Tilak.

In fact red color can be seen in Indian jewellery too. Red bangles are common among Indian brides and newly married ladies. Wedding Invitations are printed in red. Red is the color which highlights any complexion and enhances your beauty and charm. Just visit any wedding shop or boutique and see yourself the importance of Red color in Indian weddings.

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