Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Printed Sarees - You always get what you see!!!

Summer is at its peak. Naturally, women require something comfortable and beautiful to wear during this hot season. The trend of printed sarees came back because of the demand and its effectiveness. There are so many different kinds of prints that look better than never before. Be it abstract prints or floral prints or those capturing landscapes – they all look good when combined with a saree.

To save you some time, we are going to tell you about the Top VYOMINI Printed Sarees.

1. Ayesha Takia Floral Printed Sarees

If there’s one print that works the best, it’s floral. It is low-experiment high-return print which always looks good. No matter what kind of body structure you’ve or what occasion it is, a floral printed saree works.
Such a design accentuates your figure better and makes you look slim and well-toned.

Click here to buy: , only Rs. 517


2. Overalls

These are those printed sarees which made women crazy at a time. For a while, they faced a setback and now they’re back with a bang.

Click here to buy: , only Rs. 740


3. Blouse And Border Embroided Printed Sarees

Who requires accessories when there are such attention-grabbing saree borders?
The choice of colors and the choice of designs in this collection is worth appreciation.

Click here to buy: , only Rs. 529


Remember that our collection of printed sarees isn’t limited to just these collections. We have over 6000 designs on our website which you can check out and pick for yourself.

🌟VYOMINI sends you the actual product image via Whatsapp prior to shipment, you get what you pay for👏

So, shop without worrying about quality and after-sales service.  😊

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