Monday, 4 January 2016

VYOMINI Contest: Win A Saree Worth Rs. 3000/-

VYOMINI Contest where you can win our ALL TIME BESTSELLER SAREE  for you.


You: Tell me more about the contest.

We’re having a click upload win contest. You need to click a selfie, send the pictures to We will post those pictures on our Facebook page and pictures with maximum likes, comments and shares would win.

You: What’s the prize?

You: What are the rules? More information?

1. The contest would begin from January 10, 2016 and would end on  January 30, 2016. 
2. To participate, you need to send us a selfie to or Watsapp at 91-9811438585. Don’t forget to mention your name and email id.  
3. The picture that is loved by maximum people will win i.e. pictures with more likes, comments and shares would win.  
4. 1 Like = 1 Point, 1 Comment = 2 Points, 1 Share = 3 Points  :)
5. Only one like, comment and share per person would be counted.  :)
6. Any person who would indulge in getting fake likes would be disqualified.  :)
7. Any person who doesn’t follow or agree to our contest rules would be disqualified.  :)
8. Only one entry per person would be allowed i.e. you cannot send us more than 1 picture as a contest entry. Picture once sent would be considered final. 
10. By e-mailing us the picture, you’re giving us your full permission to post it in our page.   
11. Make sure that picture you send us is of high resolution. It must be at least 600 by 400.   

You: What do I do, If I have any more query?

Call us : 91-9810188757
Watsapp : 91-9811438585 
 Email :

So, start now! We will wait for your Calls or e-mails.

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