Sunday, 16 August 2015, ONLINE SHOPPING. Bringing affordable fashion to every girls doorstep.....Don't be boring, go daring, this is 'belly show time'

Indian ethnic wear has always mesmerized me, I tell my girl friends, SARI for girls, GARI for guys, what GARI is to guys, SARI is to girls.... hold your breath, hold on to whatever you can...don't blame me, I did warn you, watch my 'belly show' - Blogger Atreyi 'belly' Goswami :)

The female belly, it's sensual, it's seductive .....I've got it, am gonna flaunt it !
Yeah, go sensual shopping on VYOMINI - the new avatar of ONLINE SHOPPING !

Life is too short to wear boring clothes, check me, check mine out !
Yo, check her out & many more like her on VYOMINI, check out VYOMINI ONLINE SHOPPING 

Watch my back, I promise you, I'll turn around for you ....enjoy my tattoo, ogle at my belly ..... this is why I love ethnic stuff, its awesome & sexy !
Hmmmm, add to cart awesome, sexy stuff, it's all happening on VYOMINI ONLINE SHOPPING !

If you've got passion for fashion. if you've got fire in your belly ....go VYOMINI, go gorgeous, it's raining belly shopping on VYOMINI ONLINE SHOPPING !

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